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Letter Template:

Dear <Elected Representative - replace with name>,

I wish to express my concern at the lack of airlines and routes from Cardiff Airport.

FLY CARDIFF (www.fly-cardiff.co.uk) have commenced a campaign to "attract more airlines and business into Cardiff Airport, for Cardiff and the greater South Wales communities. Fly Cardiff hopes to work alongside the airport and act as a bridge between it, its customers and the Welsh Government"

Cardiff Airport is a weak link in the Welsh economy and is losing passengers in their tens of thousands every year to Bristol and Birmingham Airports with a net loss to local communities and businesses.

Visitors from abroad have to access the Principality from airports in England in many cases because they cannot fly directly to Cardiff/Wales. Is this really a good advertisement for the Welsh tourism industry?

Please support the FLY CARDIFF campaign and discuss this matter with relevant Government departments to ensure this matter is placed firmly on the political agenda.

Yours sincerely,

<Your Name>

<Your Address>

All entries must have a name and address for your representative to take appropriate action on your behalf.

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Copy, paste and edit the above template to each of your elected representatives.