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Cardiff Airport is the International Gateway to Wales and as such is an important piece of economic infrastructure for the welsh economy.

Therefore it needs to thrive and prosper and play its part in the welsh economy. In 2011, when BMI Baby announced its intention to cease operations from Cardiff, it left the airport in a very vulnerable position. We felt that we could not just stand by and do nothing and we set up the FlyCardiff Campaign.

We welcomed the purchase of the Airport by The Welsh Covernment in 2013, feeling that we now had owners in place who had some empathy for Wales. And, certainly, 2013-2014 has seen some excellent improvements to the aesthetics and the customer experience for users of Cardiff Airport

We have an open relationship with the excellent management team of the airport and we remain inspired and enthusiastic for the future for Cardiff Airport. We feel that the airport is in safe hands under their watch.

However that doesn't mean we just sit back! We are proactive in suggesting opportunities, routes and sometimes missed opportunities to them (in our humble opinion) in our communications to the Airport Management.

The NATO summit recemtly took place at the Celtic Manor Resort Hotel in (Newport) Wales. This was a real chance for both Cardiff Airport and Wales to show the world what it has to offer.

We firmly believe that Wales is a fantastic product and we want foreign tourists to know about it, sample it, tell their friends and of course access it through Cardiff Airport.

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Support Cardiff Airport – YOUR Airport.